Fiber Optic Internet and Data Connectivity

Fiber is the most stable and reliable internet known to man, it’s speeds can reach into the gigabits and can connect offices from sea to shining sea.

Trinicom Communications is ready to help bring your business into the era of high end high speed internet access with a variety of customizable connectivity options.

We have partnered with the biggest and best fiber carriers in Houston area and the nation, enabling us to offer fiber connectivity to Greater Houston – Galveston and all across America!. What does this mean to you? Trinicom Communications can deliver fiber internet to your location at lower cost than you expect and – in most cases – with FREE INSTALLATION!

Even if we are not in your area we can work with our partners to deliver blazing speed at a reasonable cost.

Our fiber services connect to your existing network through standard ethernet and represent true plug and play connectivity, bandwidth scalability and stability. Plug into the flexibility that fiber optic connectivity brings!

Please contact us for a free a consultation in Houston at 713-375-1801 or toll free at (888) 896-1653 ext 101 or by email